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Acolytes of Amanda

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9/16/05 06:26 pm - black_dalek - Fisher King screencaps

I put out a plaintive plea a little while hence, for photos of Amanda in The Fisher King.  And answer came there none, thou bunch of surly ingrates.  Sigh...  I guess if you want a thing doing, you've got to do it yourself.  So here are some screencaps;








More to follow soon...



8/26/05 11:54 pm - black_dalek - Random thoughts about The Fisher King

Has there ever  been a movie as wonderful as Static, I was asking myself a little while back, just prior to seeing The Fisher King.  Well, no there hasn't, as it turns out.  Nevertheless, The Fisher King must rank somewhere not too far behind.  This film was something quite extraordinary, and of course it was the divine Amanda who made it so. 

Oh, it wouldn't have been a bad film anyway.  Jeff Bridges, I've just discovered, is really great, and Robin Williams is very nearly human.  But it's Amanda who raises it to the level of the sublime...

I was reading an online review by some self-appointed hack who assures us that he walked out before the movie was even over, and awards it a zero out of whatever.  The reviewer goes on to inform us that Bridges' and Williams' performances were too convincing, and demonstrated just how boring and depressing it would be to spend time in the company of a boorish, self-pitying alcoholic loser and a mentally ill bum (sic).  So there.

Well... Duh!  Do you have to LIKE the characters in a film for it to have merit?  Do you have to like the film at all, for that matter?  It occurs to me that I HATED Saving Private Ryan.  All the deafening gunfire and explosions and deaths and everything.  Wouldn't want to see that opening sequence again.  So was it, therefore,  a bad movie?  Well, go figure it out.

The point is this; the characters in The Fisher King need to be just the way they are for the story to have resonance.  Lucas (Bridges) needs to fall from a great height before he can undergo the redemptive process he discovers through helping another.  And he has to be an asshole too.  If he were already kindly disposed toward the world, then it wouldn't be much of a journey for him, would it?  The whole point is he's a surly misanthropic misfit who just happened to make good. He doesn't really know how success came to him, and he doesn't know how to cope, except by sinking into depression and burdening his girlfriend (the very wonderful Mercedes Ruehl) when he inadvertently throws it all away.

And Robin Williams? Wee-eeell, he's playing just the sort of character Robin Williams would play, but for once it works.  Being a mentally damaged homeless former academic gives him free rein to goof around in the time-honoured manner (with little set pieces like the impersonation of a man having difficulty relieving himself, which are probably lifted staright from his stage act.  But he doesn't get to do too much of the full-on Williams bellow, a la Good Morning Vietnam et al, for which we must be profoundly thankful...  His character has humanity without slopping over into mawkishness.  And it works so fine because this doesn't have Robin Williams Star Vehicle stamped through it like a stick of rock (remember how in every episode of Mork & Mindy a wonderfully strong supporting cast would dutifully step aside for the big star turn that was totally out of character for a naive alien, and invariably the low point of the show)  The Fisher King is essentially an ensemble piece.   

But this is turning into a review rather than a paean to Amanda.  It will not do!

As most of the planet is probably already aware, Amanda plays Robin Williams love-interest.  He worships her from afar, he follows her, but he never dares to talk to her.  Which is where Bridges comes in.  He needs to bring them together to atone for his being responsible for the death of Williams first wife.  And so...

Isn't the scene with Amanda walking through Grand Central Station just the most AMAZING thing?

Lydia (Amanda's character) wears huge spectacles.  She is clumsy.  She is socially inept.  How could anyone NOT love her?  For me the absolute almost-in-tears moment is when she has to sign her name for membership at the video store and bends right down so her nose is almost touching the paper.  That is just SO beautiful!!!  

No mystery why this affects me so.  That's pretty much how I have to live, and you might be slightly taken aback at the degree of derision and hostility this attracts in daily life.  Okay, so I used to work in a police station, which didn't help.  But I even got my hand slapped for it, and a ruler rammed up my nose,  by a nurse at fucking Moorfields Eye Hospital, for god's sake.  Oh, and all the knocking things over... That's DEFINITELY me...  To see all these things portrayed in a character who seems dismissable at the outset but emerges as so beautiful and strong, exquisitely portrayed by the best actress ever ever EVER...  A performance to cherish.  And no one but Amanda could have done it.

In addition to which, she looks HOT in those glasses!!!  



8/26/05 11:41 pm - black_dalek

Still just me here?  Well, shame on each and every one of you!  Am I downhearted?  Am I despondent?  Ha!  Not I!!!  I'll sail this ship alone...  If I really must...

Hmmmph!!!  What else should I expect in a world where I can pick up a copy of The War for Baby Jessica for 1p?  Yep.  One new penny...   Oh, ye bastards of little faith!

Oh, but the last laugh shall be mine, you'll see!  When the Day of Judgement comes and the stars fall from the firmament... And lo, Amanda shall descend in flowing purple raiment, and she shall say unto the infidel hordes who wouldst not place one solitary bid for a pack of press clippings, "Get thee hence from me, for I know thee not.  Here is my one true acolyte, and I shall sit upon his right hand..."

Here's a pic of Amanda enchained in

Butterfly KissCollapse )


7/31/05 11:55 am - black_dalek - "Uh... You're naked..."

Here's Amanda naked and gorgeous in The Apartment ComplexCollapse )


7/30/05 11:45 pm - black_dalek

Well, here goes then. This is a community for Amanda Plummer fans to wax lyrical about her haunting, unconventional and utterly irresistible beauty, to enthuse about her onscreen performances, to exchange news, views, comment and of course photos. I was hoping there would be such a community up and running and all ready for me to join. But no, it falls to me, though I feel quite unequal to the task.
I really hope somebody joins in soon and starts to bounce some ideas and opinions around, otherwise it's just going to be me talking to myself about whichever Amanda movie I've just watched on DVD...
I said I'm not equal to the task, and believe me that ain't false modesty. I'm a fan (Oh, am I a fan!) but I'm certainly no expert. There's still a whole lot of AP's work out there that I have yet to see, and moreover I am limited in my capacity to appraise things in their proper context because of my woefully inadequate knowledge of films in general.
Don't get me wrong; I don't live down a well with a bucket over my head, even though it feels like that a lot of the time. I watch plenty of TV and plenty of films. But I don't have the encyclopaedic knowledge shared by many people I have known. A "movie buff" I am not. I haven't even seen Citizen Kane... But hey, Amanda wasn't in it so who the hell cares?
Due to what somebody once called the interconnectedness of all things, you can pick up the thread at a given point and be led, by degrees, into all that other stuff that you should have known about years ago. Having established, for instance, that your fave actress is Amanda Plummer, you set about trying to see as much of her work as you can, and thereby you discover, for example, that Tarantino really is as cool a director as the rest of the world always said h was (while the rest of the world rolls its eyes and declaims "Duh!"...) or that this guy Jeff Bridges seems pretty good, or for that matter that Sean Pertwee is the kind of actor his old man could only dream of being, or that Terry Gilliam, for all that Baron Munchausen crap, really was the only one of his crowd who had anything to say post-Python (did somebody mention "A Fish Called Wanda"? No, I hoped not... ) You get the picture... Pick a different actor/director/writer/whatebver and you'll travel a different and perhaps equally intriguing path, but you won't see the whole picture unless you make the movies your life, which is okay if, like Barry Norman (no wait, isn't it that nice Jonathan Ross now?) you get paid to watch films all day. It's alright for some...
At least with Amanda as your guide, you get to take the circuitous route with some intriguing diversions. I read somewhere that AP makes a point of not pricing herself out of the market, so that if she likes a project she'll do it for a rather smaller fee than other actors of her standing might demand. This would certainly account for why Ms Plummer has a rather lower public profile than a Sandra Bullock, an Uma Thurman or a Cameron Somebody, and why also she, unlike they (them?) has racked up an extraordinary, diverse and fascinating CV.
"Static" stands as my alltime favourite film. I just saw "The Fisher King" last week and that's pretty high up the chart too. I'm going to start telling you why, at exhaustive length, if somebody doesn't take matters in hand. So come on, tell me YOUR favourite Amanda movie, or indeed your least fave (mine would by "Gryphon".)

By the way, does anybody have any pics to post of AP in "The Fisher King". I can't seem to find any.

More soon...
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